Slatted Panels

Discover the versatility, elegance, and details of our slatted panels,
enhancing spaces from living rooms to offices with the
premium quality of MDF.

The Slatted Panels have
emerged as icons in
architecture, celebrating
timeless versatility and

From the grandeur of the
entrance door to the coziness
of the most secluded area,
these panels are the refined
expression of elegance.

At 3Cape Home Design, we are committed to the art of
transforming spaces.

Experience the subtlety of these panels adorning bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, whether corporate or home office.

Be enchanted by our distinctive features


Solid Structure and High-Quality MDF

Precision-crafted, our slatted panels combine a solid structure with highquality MDF to offer exceptional durability and aesthetics.


Ideal for any setting, be it in a corporate environment or at home

Create visual impact in any setting! Our panels are ideal for accentuating walls, highlighting TV areas, decorating dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even ceilings.


Sound Buffering

Beyond their beauty, slatted panels provide acoustic isolation, contributing to a
quieter and more comfortable environment.


Easy to Install

The installation of slatted panels is straightforward and uncomplicated, allowing you to transform your spaces without hassle.


Premium Quality

The panels are crafted with highquality materials, ensuring not only a stunning appearance but also resistance and durability over time.


Ideal for walls, ceilings, and more

Adapt slatted panels to various applications, from walls to ceilings, providing a versatile solution to enhance different areas of your home.


Designed to showcase your Individuality

Whether creating a modern, classic, or contemporary look, our slatted panels offer options that highlight your individuality and style.


Variety of Colors and Styles to Match Your Personal Style

Choose from a rich variety of colors and styles to personalize your slatted panels according to your personal taste and the desired environment.

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